Gary Kogan PhotoThis website is meant to for clients of my private family therapy practice, but I am happy that it has lately been reaching beyond that small circle.

I see a lot of families and couples who come to learn how to communicate and relate in a more positive way. I believe most people need only short periods of therapy and have a flexible timing – seeing families every two weeks or a month and then letting people fly on their own.

My practice has become largely about how to manage anxiety. I developed a breathing technique that restores the body’s breathing to its natural state – I call it Baby Breathing (there is a tab for instructions, but I am working on a video or audio demonstration.)

The baby has essentially two states: Bliss and Outrage. During Bliss the belly goes gently up and down as the diaphragm gives us exactly as much air as we need. During Outrage the breath becomes short and rapid as the baby essentially panics. Anxiety may be that panic mode and helping people to restore the breathing has helped them manage anxiety, in many cases without medications.

In my anxiety practice the clients who practice the technique have been able to overcome all forms of anxiety – except OCD as I have not had enough experience in that area. People contact me who had been essentially housebound to tell me they are living normal lives: driving over the bridge, going to shopping malls, even starting stage careers…

I also love to work with so-called Borderline Personality and Voice Hearers and other people whose thoughts and vision can be intrusive and anxiety-provoking.