Gary Kogan PhotoI want this website to be a forum for teens and preteens to ask questions and get answers about real life issues – first love, puberty, sex, sexuality, drugs, violence, friendships, prejudice among many others.

The other day I went on line to find a website that would give young teens and pre-teens answers to questions about sex and drugs.

Sex and drugs are real choices they face even in the quietest of small towns. (I live in one so I should know. )

I typed in something like “real answers for teens about sex.” Within seconds I could have watched several videos including anal sex.

After I changed the safety settings on the computer I did find a few sites for teens. I wasn’t impressed.

So I decided to do my best to fill the gap.

In the interest of honesty I want readers to know a few things about me and this site

  • to the best of my ability this site is supportive to teens who are, or are wondering if they are, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
  • to the best of my ability I am a feminist. I believe we have to envision a world where all people are truly equal no matter their gender, sexual orientation, intelligence, language and place of birth and then make that vision happen
  • I believe that all people should be respected and cherished in their close relationships – nothing else will do
  • I am against violence in the body and through language
  • I believe that the human body is sacred and, when cared for, clean and pure
  • I have been a meditator since age 14 and believe in healing powers beyond the knowledge of science
  • I believe in talking comfortably about our bodies
  • I believe in “safer” sex practices for teens who are ready and fully informed
  • I hope that all children can have a safe family where they can get love and support
  • I know this is not true for everyone since I myself left a violent and abusive family at the age of 14.

As long as they are not used as insults I will allow the use of words such as fuck and suck.

If you don’t want your child exposed to these ideas please block this site.